The Beauty of Virtual Furniture

The Beauty of Virtual Furniture

Selling an empty property can be unappealing since not all potential clients will have the creativity to immediately think about the possibilities of an empty space. Showing pictures of the property with contemporary and awesome looking furniture will get them more excited and can increase your chances of closing a deal.
But staging real furniture can be very expensive. Luckily, you have the option of Virtual Furniture or Virtual Replacement (see free offer below). Click here for a price list.

Virtual Furniture
Virtual furniture is the process of furnishing photographs of empty rooms with images of real furniture to make them look more appealing. Shadows and perspectives are considered in the process to make the photograph look authentic.

Real Photo Virtual Replacement
Virtual Replacement virtually replaces what could be unappealing or outdated furniture to make the property look more attractive.

Why go for Virtual Furniture or Replacement?

Here are just some of the few benefits of filling your listing with virtual furniture:Capture buyer interest

Dramatically increase sales price

Impress clients

Save money compared to costs of physical styling 

Real Photo is the industry leader of Virtual Furniture Australia-wide. Real Photo only use images of real furniture for their uniquely realistic look, rather than computer generated images. The difference is obvious!
FREE Virtual Furniture Image
Real Photo is offering a special only for the month of October. Simply contact us to place your first order and quote the code “OCTOBER”. You will receive 1x free Virtual Furniture image with your first order. Call us now to trial the exciting benefits of Virtual Furniture.
                                                                                                                             Give us a call on 1300 735 796 or click here for a price list.

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